D-Tech remains an independent supplier of hardware and software products. Our IT procurement services include recommending and supplying a vast range of hardware and software from leading Global Vendors that are best suited to our clients’ requirements.


When working with D-Tech you can be certain to receive the best equipment at competitive prices. We have developed relationships with leading IT vendors so that we receive discount pricing on hardware and software ultimately leading to substantial cost saving. This cost saving can come from special deals with suppliers or volume purchasing.


Our experienced Account Managers have vast experience and therefore understand the compatibility of different components and can align the hardware and software needs of the specific business to its objectives. When working with D-Tech  procurement services, you can be confident that your equipment will work as expected.


When making technology purchase decisions, it can be very difficult, especially when you are making expensive business decisions. Making the wrong decisions can impact the ability of your business as well as have unnecessary cost implications. D-Tech will take the hassle and stress out of purchasing IT hardware and software for your business if you opt for our procurement services. This therefore results in significant time savings as well.