Wireless Networking

Our wireless networking services which include designing, configuring, implementing, securing, and monitoring wireless networks will help to clean cabling problems in your office and allow the use of mobile devices on your network.


We are able to not only configure and set up wireless networks on site but can also trouble shoot if you encounter problems with your wireless networking system in the future.


Our wireless networking services can help businesses ensure proper network configuration and security in order to allow them to continue with business as usual.


Wireless Network Setup

Our experienced IT professionals can design and configure wireless networks to meet almost any business needs. Whether it is a large wireless network, which you need to reach many users or a simple wireless network within your office, we can help. We pay special attention to your security needs, and ensure that network speeds are up to scratch.


Wireless Network Security

A common concern for businesses when implementing a wireless network is the question of network security. At D-Tech, our wireless networking services include a number of security related services in order to ensure that networks are secure and protected.


These services are:

  • The Network Security Audit – This is done to determine the current security of your network, and expose threats.
  • Firewalls & Intrusion Detections systems – this is a software or hardware based barrier against unauthorized access to your network.
  • Spam, e-mail & Web filtering – This filtering is done to ensure that viruses and other harmful material do not access the network through its computers.


Wireless Network Support

In order for any network to remain stable and in excellent working order, its hardware requires regular maintenance and support. At D-Tech, we provide full network support and are able to provide repair or replacement when wireless connections are disrupted or threatened. Our wireless network support services enable us to minimize business downtime by quickly diagnosing and fixing problems as they occur.